Park Tool SAC-2 Supergrip Carbon and Alloy Assembly Compound - 4 oz

Article number: 019-06-03
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The glossy sheen of many high-end bicycle components (carbon and aluminum alike), while striking to the eye, often present problems in clamp interfaces with their shiny, slippery surfaces. In extreme cases, a handlebar or seatpost may slip when in use, even when the clamp bolts are properly torqued down. In these situations, desperate home mechanics may be tempted to further tighten the bolts past the manufacturer's recommendations, risking damage to an expensive component. Park Tool's Supergrip Assembly Compound provides a solution to this problem via tiny silicone beads suspended in a semi-liquid paste. When applied to a clamp interface, the beads increase the surface friction, reducing the amount of bolt torque needed for a secure fit. Additionally, Park Tool Supergrip can be used to help with interference fit of press-in bearing systems such as bottom brackets or headsets when tolerances are less than ideal. 

NOTE: While not acutely abrasive, Supergrip can cause cosmetic blemishing to components - take care during application to apply only to the clamping surfaces to reduce this possibility. Never use Supergrip on threaded components or bearing surfaces.

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