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 Founded in 2000, Parlee has been pushing the envelope since day one and pursuing real innovations that improve ride quality and performance. Parlee was the first manufacturer to make a sub 900 gram carbon frame, and then broke the 800 gram barrier only a few short years later. Parlee's focus is designing and engineering bikes that are fast, light, durable and fun to ride. They never use unnecessary shapes in the name of design. Targeted performance meets tailor-made fit. That’s what defines a Parlee bike.

Chebacco XD

  • Hand crafted carbon frame, with purpose built geometry including wider chainstays
  • Lower bottom bracket, and a slacker steer tube for a comfortable ride
  • Flat mount disc brakes
  • Tire clearance for tires up to 45mm


  • Recurve tubing. Provides unmatched drag reduction in real world settings.
  • Speed Shield disc brake shroud technology
  • Fully integrated and hidden cabling. 
  • Tire clearance for up to 32mm
  • Integrated thru axles.


  • The Z-Zero joining process uses only carbon fiber to fuse each tube to another in a manner that yields a wholly unified structure with almost zero redundant material.
  • Carbon drop outs and bearing races
  • Shaped, bladder molded tubing allows for lighter overall tube weights and optimized tuning of the laminate schedule. A variety of tube designs allows Parlee to perfectly tune the ride to each rider’s needs.
  • Tapered head and steerer tubes.
  • Rim brakes.

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