Pillar 13 Gauge (2.3 mm) Aluminum Spoke Nipple

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Pillar Spoke, a Taiwanese specialist with 30+ years of expertise, excels in crafting spokes and nipples. Their 5R series, ideal for rims needing internal nipples, is made from lightweight aluminum—an excellent substitute for heavier brass. The inverted design, featuring a smooth semi-spherical flange, minimizes rim friction. 13G Nipples use a 0.156" square wrench flats, compatible with tools like Park Tools SW3.

Pillar 5R nipples are sold individually and are available for 14 gauge and 13 gauge spokes.


Weight ~0.4 g
Material Pillar Alloy Pro 7
Length 10.5 mm
Thread 2.5 mm x 56 tpi (2.3 mm)
Tool Fitting 3.96 mm (0.156")
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