Pillar 5R Aluminum Internal Spoke Nipple

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Pillar Spoke, a specialty manufacturer based in Taiwan, has been producing spokes and nipples for over 30 years. Combining their experience with state-of-the-art research processes and manufacturing techniques, Pillar is able to produce high quality spoke nipples for a wide variety of applications. The 5R series is designed for use on rims which require internal, hidden nipples. These are manufactured from aluminum, and are an excellent alternative to heavier brass nipples commonly used in carbon rims such as those from Enve. The 5R nipple uses a simple inverted design with a smooth semi-spherical flange to reduce friction against the rim. The standard 0.127" square wrench flats fit commonly-available internal spoke wrenches such as the Park Tools SW15

Pillar 5R nipples are sold individually and are available for 14 gauge and 13 gauge spokes.


Weight 0.4 grams each
Material aluminum (Pillar Alloy Pro 7)
Length 10.5mm
Thread 13g - 2.5mm x 56tpi
14g - 2.2mm x 56tpi
Tool Fitting square 3.2mm (0.127")
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