Schmolke Roadbar EVO TLO

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The Schmolke EVO TLO roadbar is the epitome of ergonomic design. The involute curve of the drops ensures an aerodynamically optimized and comfortable posture on the bike, striking a balance between performance and comfort. The nearly horizontal front part of the drops forms an uninterupted line with the brake lever hoods, minimizing wrist strain during longer rides. The flattened top creates an anatomically sound grip, promoting comfort even during extended periods in the top position. To achieve rigidity with no weight compromise, the top of the bar retains a slight curvature, ensuring structural integrity without unnecessary bulk. Moreover, the incorporation of recessed cable grooves beneath the lightweight carbon construction simplifies cable routing. In addition the TLO roadbar has 3 holes: one each in the inside curve at brake handle height on the left and right side, and a third hole in the middle of the bar on the back side, allowing you the option to run internal cable routing (ICR).


  40cm 42cm 44cm
Weight ~145g ~147g  
Reach 73 78 78
Drop 125 126 126
Stem Clamp Diameter 31.8 mm
Material Carbon Fiber
Finish 1k Fabric
ICR Compatible Yes (internal ports)
Rider Weight Limit 243 lbs (110 kg)
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