Specialized S-Works Power Mirror Saddle

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With its revolutionary Mirror technology and Body Geometry design, the S-Works Power with Mirror saddle offers unparalleled comfort and performance. 3D printed from a liquid polymer, the patent-pending Mirror honeycomb structure provides superior sit-bone support and pressure relief through 14,000 individually tuned struts and nodes. Combined with the lightweight flex-tuned FACT carbon shell and rails, this technology enables all-day riding comfort for a wide range of rider positions and anatomies. The Body Geometry design is lab-tested to boost blood flow while reducing numbness and pain. For sleek, integrated storage, the saddle base has built-in SWAT mounts. With its sophisticated blend of cutting-edge technology and ergonomics, the S-Works Power with Mirror helps riders perform at their peak.


  Shell Padding
Material Carbon 3D Printed Polymer
Weight ~192g
Length 240 mm
Rail to Saddle Top 30 - 35 mm
Saddle Rail 7 x 9 mm
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