Tioga Spyder Stratum Saddle

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Tioga has gone far outside the box with their spyder saddle. So far in fact, we’re not sure if there even was a box to begin with. The Spyder looks like something straight out of Sci-fi movie, but looks had very little to do with the design process. In the pursuit of comfort Tioga found that padding was not their key to success. The unique web design was chosen to allow the saddle to conform to the individual shape of every rider by staying pliable and supportive under the harshest conditions. Flexing with the rider over uneven surfaces the Spyder allows you to stay seated and comfortable where other saddles would become too jarring.

Tuned for mid level flex the Stratum offers plenty of comfort without excessive sag. The inner web provides a a good amount of flex just where it's needed, while the frame and support structures ensure efficient pedaling and prolonged comfort. A marvel of design the Stratum offers riders of every discipline comfort without compromise.  Perfect for all day rides, the Stratum is light enough to grace race bikes while being ruggedly built to withstand the abuse of mountain riding. Perfectly at home both on and off road, the Stratum is one of our favorites.

Included with each saddle are silicone anti-slip pads that offer a small amount of cushion while keeping your sit bones securely on the sweet spot. Easy to install and remove the anti-slip pads offer riders an easy option for tuning their saddle to match their riding style.


Weight, Carbon Rails 120 grams
Weight, Titanium Rails 180 grams
Weight, CrMo Rails 190 grams
Shell Material DualTech Carbonite (Impact resistant composite)
Width 135 mm
Length 285 mm
Carbon Rail Diameter 7x9mm oval
CrMo, Ti Rail Diameter 7mm round
Use Road, CX, Mountain
Rider Weight Limit (Carbon Rails) 109 kg (240lbs)
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