Specialized S-Works Turbo RapidAir 2BR Tire

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The Turbo RapidAir 2BR design came from years of in-house development and testing. It features a flexible center construction that smooths out road imperfections and keeps rolling resistance low, while our exclusive GRIPTON® compound leads the industry in both speed and cornering grip. Next up, the wide tread design and stable sidewalls deliver precise handling while diving hard into corners. And finally, the cross-woven Blackbelt™ breaker is cut-resistant, but in the chance you do get a puncture, our new sealant plugs holes almost instantly.

But what about set-up? RapidAir tires seat easily on any tubeless-ready rim, and they can often be seated with just a floor pump.


Recommended sealant amount per tire:

Tire size 24-26mm - 40ml

28-30mm - 50ml

For Maximum performance, use 60ml for any 24-30mm.


Compound GRIPTON®  
Flat Protection Blackbelt  
Casing 120 TPI  
  Weight Recommended Tire Pressure
700 x 26 mm 260 grams PSI 85-100
700 x 28 mm 290 grams PSI 80-95
700 x 30 mm 310 grams PSI 45 - 65 
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