Tune Speedneedle Saddle

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The Tune Speedneedle, a legend among low-weight enthusiasts, features a full carbon shell, aramid-reinforced carbon rails, and uses a two-piece leather top over high-density foam padding.

For years, Tune's Speedneedle was considered to be the saddle of choice for weight-conscious European riders. Unfortunately, due to low production capacity Tune was unable to allow export of this saddle outside of Europe, making them extremely hard to find in the western hemisphere. Finally, the Speedneedle is available in North America in a variety of options. The design starts with a full carbon shell and uses a two piece leather top with foam padding beneath. The shell is mounted on huge 10 mm oval carbon fiber rails reinforced with an outer aramid layer to prevent clamping damage. This saddle definitely ranks high on the list of all time best saddles.


Alcantara - This is an Italian-made leather alternative, manufactured from polyester and polystyrene microfiber fabric. It's a popular choice in automotive interiors due to its soft, suede-like feel and superior durability. Alcantara's pleasant surface texture is breathable, water-and dirt-repellent, fast drying, wrinkle-resistant, tear-and abrasion-resistant, and non-slip. Additionally, it is easy to clean using only warm water.


Marathon - offers the same level of comfort as a standard saddle but weighs a lot less. Due to the flexibilitxy of regular saddles and their padding they can introduce pressure to the perinal region. A stiffer saddle like the Speedneedle shows less pressure in that area avoiding numbness for the rider. The rails made from a carbon-aramid blend offer a large clamping range and enable the use of seatposts without setback on a lot of bikes.


  Alcantara Leather Marathon
Weight ~86g ~97g ~97g
Colors Black Black, Red Black
Length 260 mm 260 mm 260 mm
Width 125 mm 125 mm 135 mm
Padding Lightweight Foam
Rail Size Oval 7.5 x 9.5 mm
Rail Material Carbon/Kevlar
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