Woodman Cadenz Magnet

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Many bicycle cadence sensors require the use of zip ties or rubber bands to secure a magnet to the crank arm. Woodman has devised a more thoughtful, elegant solution with their Cadenz magnets. These are designed to fit in the hex tool slot equipped on the inboard side of most pedal spindles, placing it inconspicuously in an optimal position. The Cadenz is available in four different widths and the two most common hex sizes, 6 mm and 8 mm.

The powerful magnets are housed in a red anodized aluminum cylinder. The cylinder is secured to the pedal via threads which expand an o-ring within the tool slot. The cylinder may be adequately secured by hand, but it is equipped with 9mm wrench flats for convenience. To determine which width magnet you will need, measure the distance between the back surface of the pedal spindle and cadence sensor, and pick the width which corresponds closest under this measurement. Recommended clearance between the magnet and sensor is 2-3 mm.


Weight, XS 1.8 grams
Weight, S 2.3 grams
Weight, M 2.7 grams
Weight, L 3.2 grams
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