Woodman Carbo EL Seatpost

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Woodman components has been designing and manufacturing quality parts for over 10 years. By doing all product design and testing in-house, they have established themselves as producers of components that fit nearly any build type, while being affordable, reliable, and lightweight. By testing their own products much further that typical European safety standards, they can guarantee that each component will withstand the rigors of the typical mountain and road ride. The Carbo EL seatpost is an excellent example of Woodman’s manufacturing and design prowess. Similar to the standard EL seatpost, the Carbo EL differs only in the materials used. Utilizing the same ultralight rail clamp hardware and titanium fasteners, the Carbo EL sheds further weight by replacing the typical aluminum main tube with a full carbon variation. Perfect for the gram-conscious cyclist on a budget, the Carbo EL is sure to add an aesthetically pleasing touch to your next build.



Each Woodman Carbo EL seatpost has a minimum and maximum insertion range, therefore it is extremely important that it never be cut or trimmed. Cutting any length off of your Carbo EL can result in unsafe riding conditions. Please be sure to use a proper torque wrench when installing your Woodman Carbo EL, and follow all torque ratings.


  Seatpost Length Insertion Range
  250mm 130-180mm
  350mm 170-260mm
  400mm 220-300mm


27.2 x 250mm 101 grams
27.2 x 350mm 122.5 grams
27.2 x 400mm 128.5 grams
30.9 x 250mm 110.5 grams
30.9 x 350mm 136 grams
30.9 x 400mm 144 grams
31.6 x 250mm 111.5 grams
31.6 x 350mm 146 grams
31.6 x 400mm 149 grams


Material Carbon
Offset 0 mm
Hardware Titanium
Max Torque 3 Nm
Rail Compatibility Round, Oval
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