Woodman DX Seatpost

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Woodman Components have built a reputation for themselves by producing parts that exceed the standards of typical manufacturers, in price, durability, and weight. By doing much of their product development and testing in-house, they can ensure each product they offer is a testament to their design and manufacturing capability. By testing their products beyond the limits of typical European safety standards (an already rigorous process), they can say with 100% certainty that they stand behind each of their products. The DX seatpost is no exception to this rule. Not only expertly machined to safely shave as many grams as possible, the DX has been tested to the absolute limits, proving its reliability in both mountain and road applications. Designed for cyclists who require a setback position, the DX comes with 25 mm of offset for extra adjustability. Equipped with titanium hardware, the DX main tube is constructed from T6 aluminum, while the cradle is produced from 6061 aluminum alloy, guaranteeing affordability and low weight.


  Weight Insertion Range
27.2 x 250 mm 116 grams 60-98mm
27.2 x 350 mm 148.5 grams 85-192mm
31.6 x 250 mm 134.5 grams 60-98mm
31.6 x 400 mm 199 grams 90-219mm


Material Aluminum
Offset 25 mm
Max Torque 5 Nm
Rail Compatibility Round, Ovalized
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