Abbey Bike Tools Chain Whip

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Abbey Bike Tools is a company quickly making a name for itself as the new favorite for mechanics all over. Finding the middle ground between ergonomics and durability in their designs, and following through with an excellent finished product, we can safely say that anything manufactured by Abby Bike Tools is a solid investment.

The Whip-It chain whip is no exception. Produced from a 12" length of stainless steel to ensure adequate leverage for removal of even the tightest cassettes. Additionally utilizing a single length of chain with one attachment point for added strength.

With a stroke of genius and excellent foresight, Abbey Bike Tools designed their chain whips to allow their matching cassette lockring tool to fit inside the shaft of the chain whip. Thus creating the perfect tool for the traveling mechanic, or the home mechanic with limited shop space.


Material Stainless Steel
Compatibility 8,9,10, and 11 Speed Cassettes
Weight 354g
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