Abbey Bike Tools Crombie Cassette Lockring Tool

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The Crombie is intelligently designed to take up as little space as possible, whether in a travel toolbox or personal workshop. The handled versions of the Crombie are designed to fit inside Abbey's Whip-It chain whip tool, saving even more valuable tool box space.

Dual-Sided Standard - This tool has a dual-sided head that is compatible with both Shimano/Sram and Campagnolo lockring splines.

Dual-Sided Super Light - This SL version of the Crombie features a hollowed out handle, an excellent option for travelling race mechanics or those wishing to reduce the overall weight of their toolbox. The dual-sided head is compatible with both Shimano/Sram and Campagnolo lockring splines.

Dual-Sided Thru Axle - With its adoption of thru axle standards, the bicycle industry has fortunately settled on a standard of 12mm for the rear thru axle. One side of the Crombie Thru Axle tool is fitted with a 12mm pilot pin to help keep the tool properly aligned during use. The other side is designed for standard quick release hubs. Both sides are compatible with Shimano/Sram cassette lockring splines, as well as centerlock brake rotor lockring splines. *Note that this combination is not compatible with Campagnolo wheels.

3/8" Socket - This ultra-compact version of the Crombie is designed for 3/8" ratchet handles and torque wrenches. It shares the same deep socket and thin walls of the original Crombie, and is compatible only with Shimano/Sram lockring splines.


Material Stainless Steel
Compatibility Shimano/Sram, *Campagnolo, and Centerlock Lockrings
Weight Duel-Sided 270g, Super Light 145g, Socket 50g
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