Ashima Aluminum Rotor Bolt Set

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Ashima's aluminum rotor bolts were designed with the specific properties of the aluminum material in mind. Traditionally, manufacturers have produced aluminum rotor bolts using the same design as steel, yielding an insufficiently strong and unsafe product. When used as intended for light use or cross country racing, Ashima's rotor bolts are sufficiently strong enough for use on rotors up to 160 mm in diameter. The weight savings over a typical set of steel bolts is about 8 grams.

To ensure rider safety, Ashima's rotor bolts must be properly and carefully installed. We recommend prepping the bolt threads with a medium-strength loctite before installation. Initially, each bolt should be lightly fastened against the rotor. Then, using a torque wrench calibrated to 4Nm, the bolts should be tightened in an alternating pattern.

Sold in a set of 6.


Weight ~6.5g (Set of 6)
Material 7075 Aluminum
Thread M5 x 10 mm
Tools T20 Torx
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