ENVE releases the 'Fray'

ENVE just added another bike to their already terrific line-up.

Meet the Fray.


It is available in 3 awesome colors. Ash, Venom, and Salt, the shop favorite. 



It is similar to the Melee, but with a slightly more relaxed geometry. 



Tire clearance is somewhere between the Melee, and the Mog. Clearance for larger tires paired with the tall headtube makes it the perfect all-road setup.


We were lucky enough to get to build up an Ash Fray recently. 


A size 56, with Dura-Ace.



The in frame cargo by is a game changer...

There is also an anti-rattle hose retention system within the cargo bay, ensuring a nice quiet ride over rough terrain. 



Call or visit us in shop to get your ENVE build started.




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