MCFK Computer Mount

MCFK Computer Mount

New MCFK Computer Mount

German parts manufacturer MCFK has made a name for themselves over the years with their unmatchable craftsmanship in the world of carbon, making lite weight yet durable components.

Here is a nice sideview of the setup. The design is uniform for a very sharp look. The curvature of the mounting bracket sits perfectly in the curve of the faceplate. This is a picture of the 6° mount fixed to a 6° stem with the rise positive. The mount is available in two different angles 6° and 17°, meant to be paired with the corresponding stem angles.

Made from aluminum with a 3-d printed insert. It comes equipped with 2 extra long bolts, which thread through the mounting bracket, and then again into the nut of the faceplate hardware, making for a very solid fit. 

At 29 grams this is still much lighter than many other aluminum alternatives out there, and best yet, it is made just for the MCFK stem. Get one while they last!


Weight 29grams
Material Aluminum



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