THM Frontale

THM Frontale

The THM bar/stem combo

 The Frontale is 2 of THM's most popular components seamlessly blended together to create one of the lightest handlebar/stem combos in the world. 

 This combo is a fantastic choice for those looking to make their bikes more efficient when the hills come, or on the flats.

 While being very lightweight, these bars also boast a fairly high load capacity of 110kg (243 pounds)

 The trademark craftsmanship sacrifices nothing on this very striking set up.

THM opted to not paint or apply a gloss overcoat to the Frontale, and instead polished the carbon to a very smooth finish, providing even more weight savings.

  The Frontale stem angle is 6°, and comes in 3 different lengths. 90mm, 100mm, 110mm.

 Designed to work with 1-1/8 steerer tubes, the stem features a 40mm stack height.

 Additionally, the drops have a 6° flare, and 119mm drop.


·    77mm reach

·   Width: 40,42, 44cm 

·   Length: 90, 100, 110mm  

·   222grams (420x100mm)  

·   MSRP $1099.00



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