Tucson Road Cycling Routes

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Tucson Road Cycling Routes

There is no doubt that Tucson is an amazing place to ride. From screaming fast group rides and big days up Mount Lemmon to mellow spins on the loop you will find a place you love to ride your bike here. So where do you go? How do you know the right place to ride as a local or a visitor? You found the right place, we got a list and we can't wait to hear what routes you try from us.

Shootout is Tucson's fast group ride. A neutral 10 miles and then game on after the stop sign on Valencia. This ride has local legends, gravel pros, and world tour talent on a weekly basis. The route as a stand alone is also a very lovely ride south of Tucson. Start times vary depending on the season. If you want a hard group ride with a little less power try the Scootout leaving 15 minutes before the Shootout. 


Start Times 

Tuesday Shootout

Tuesday Shootout is the weekday version of our famous Saturday leg buster. Tuesday is a bit more technical of a route, but still packs a punch of power. Check out the GCN video for Tuesday Shootout

Tuesday Route

Mount Lemmon

We recommend starting from Le Buzz Cafe, but however you get to Catalina Highway from town the Mount Lemmon climb will take your breath away. Our favorite views from the mountain are Windy Point and Thimble Peak Vista. Treat yourself to a massive cookie from Cookie Cabin when you make it to Summerhaven. 


Lemmon Route

Tucson Mountain Passes

There is more than one mountain in Tucson, though the climbs are not as long check out the west side mountain passes and Saguaro National Park West. Gates Pass is a local favorite for daily routes. 

Mountain Passes Route

Big Square

Another variation that takes you over Gates Pass is the Big Square. On this route you will find yourself deep in the beautiful desert landscape. 

Big Square Route 

More East

Other than Mt. Lemmon we have suggested a lot of west side routes. The east side of Tucson has some amazing riding as well. Saguaro East is a really fun loop. Check out our route that goes up to Colossal Cave and over Pistol Hill. 

Colossal Cave - Pistol Hill - Saguaro East

But wait there is more. Check out our Strava for all of our routes. 

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