Campagnolo EKAR 13 Speed Chain with C-Link

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The Campagnolo C13 chain, at 4.9mm wide, is designed for 1x13 gravel drivetrains, offering precise shifting and durability. Its C60 steel inner links feature a Nickel-Teflon coating, while the C67 NiCrMo2 steel outer links have a Nickel treatment for extra strength. The chain undergoes ultrasound lubrication for smooth operation and is compatible with Ekar's 1x chainrings and cogs. Made in Italy, it has 117 links, a C-Link connector, and weighs about 242g.


Our "waxed" chain option provides a thorough, multi-step preparation process including cleaning, drying, waxing, curing, and inspection for optimal performance. Since the wax process takes a few days, we recommend having an extra pre-waxed chain on hand. Enjoy smoother operation and reduced maintenance with our expertly prepared waxed chains


  Weight ~242g (uncut / including Missing Link)  
  Chain Wax Molten Speed Wax  
  Includes C-Link (1 set)  
_______________: __________________________
Dimension: 1/2" x 11/128" x 117 links
Compatibility: Campagnolo 13 Speed Drivetrain
Pre-Waxed : Optional
Includes: C - Link (Single Use Link)
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