Molten Speed Wax Bike Chain Wax

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Blending cutting edge science with old-world technique, MSPEEDWAX delivers industry leading drive train efficiency in the most demanding conditions. Using fully refined, lab-grade paraffin and North American mined WS2 and MoS2, this hot wax lubricant clings tenaciously to chains but not to hands, clothes, or bike. Say goodbye to constant drive train cleaning and hello to personal bests. By approaching drivetrain friction from a unique angle, MSPEEDWAX has created an unconventional chain lubricant that boasts an unheard of 6% drop in friction throughout the entire chain. Simple to install yet long lasting, each chain takes mere minutes to fully lubricate and will remain at peak performance for hundreds of miles. One pound of Molten Speed Wax is enough to coat around 20 chains.


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Molten Speed Wax’s Race Powder is an impressive race-day drivetrain additive that boasts an additional 6% decrease in friction when combined with their revolutionary Speed Wax. Quickly applied by brush to your previously waxed chain, the dry nature of Race Powder makes dirt unable to cling to your chain, a huge advantage in the MTB and CX community. Each jar contains ample powder for a minimum of 20 chains, promising low friction for your entire race season.

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