YBN 11 Speed Ti-Nitride Chain


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The SLA110 chain employs clever design features such as hollow pins and laser cut-outs, not only to reduce its weight but also to enhance its overall performance. Additionally, it boasts the same high-quality Ti-Nitride coating found on its more upscale counterpart, ensuring top-notch durability and corrosion resistance.

YBN proudly asserts that this chain is engineered to last a remarkable 8000 kilometers, a testament to its exceptional longevity. Furthermore, it features a self-lubricating mechanism, offering a hassle-free and low-maintenance riding experience.

In the package, you'll find not just the chain itself, but also the convenience of 1 quick link and 1 chain pin, making installation and maintenance a breeze.


Weight ~222g (106 links)
Material Steel with Titanium Nitride Self-lubricating coating
Compatibility Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo
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