Cane Creek 110 Upper Headset Assembly

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When you hold a Cane Creek 110 headset in your hands you can see and feel what makes it such an impressive piece of work. The design is simple, but with many small intricacies that make it stand out above the competition. The most noticeable is the captive compression ring, which is invaluable in keeping it from running away to the darkest, dustiest corner of the shop or garage. Cane Creek machines a lip into the top cover to hold in in place, when servicing or removing the worry of losing parts is a thing of the past. The all stainless steel bearing is double shielded, but the cover also has its own lip seal for additional protection. While the machining is not as extensive when compared to the AER headsets it is still quite thorough.

Offered in the popular frame interfaces you have your choice of a Tall or Short stack design in Integrated (IS) 41 and 42 mm or Semi-Integrated (ZS) 44 mm.

Interlock spacer compatible, pair your 110 headset with your favorite Cane Creek headset spacers, or for that unique lightweight aesthetic check out the AER Headset Spacers for a sleek uniform cockpit look.

If you have any questions about these headsets please contact us or check out Cane Creeks S.H.I.S. guide to determine the proper headset for your application.


Headset Weight SHIS Stack Height
IS 41mm, Short 58g IS41/28.6 9mm
IS 41mm, Tall 64g IS41/28.6 15mm
IS 42mm, Short 59g IS42/28.6 9mm
IS 42mm, Tall 65g IS42/28.6 15mm
ZS 44mm, Short 69g ZS44/28.6 6.9mm
ZS 44mm, Tall 77g ZS44/28.6 16.5mm
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