Cane Creek AER Series-II Lower Headset Assembly

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The AER Headset is the premium offering of Cane Creeks headsets. Meticulously machined from aluminum and brilliantly anodized, each part is its own little work of art. Featuring their hybrid bearing, two steel races contained within an aluminum cup. The bearing alone is 35% lighter than a standard steel bearing offering considerable weight savings without sacrificing durability. This makes the AER Series-II headset one of the worlds lightest, while maintaining the easy serviceability of a standard design. Fully compatible with Cane Creeks 40, and 110 series headsets, spare parts are readily available at most shops or direct from Cane Creek.

Compatible with almost every modern frame and fork, there is an option for Traditional (EC), Integrated (IS), and Semi-Integrated (ZS) head tubes as well as choices between 1-1/4 inch, and 1-1/2 inch. If you have any questions about these headsets please contact us or check out Cane Creeks S.H.I.S. guide to determine the proper headset for your application.


Headset Weight SHIS Stack Height
IS 47/33 26g Integrated 47mm / 33mm Crown Race 1mm
IS 52/40 28g Integrated 52mm / 40mm Crown Race 1mm
ZS 56/40 40g Semi-Integrated 56mm / 40mm Crown Race 4mm
EC 44/33 38g External Cup 44mm / 33mm Crown Race 12mm
EC 44/40 40g External Cup 44mm / 40mm Crown Race 12mm


Headset Replacement Headsets
*replacements sold as complete headsets instead of upper or lower 
IS 47/33 (IS 41 - IS 47/33) or  (IS 42-  IS 47/33)
IS 52/40 (IS 41-  IS 52/40) or  (IS 42-  IS 52/40)
ZS 56/40 (ZS 44 - ZS 56/40)
EC 44/33 No replacement
EC 44/40
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