Cane Creek Hellbender 70 Lite Headset

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Cane Creek knows headsets; in 1992 they introduced the world’s first threadless headset, the AheadSet, and have been designing and manufacturing innovative headset solutions since. With their new Hellbender 70 Series headsets they have hit the perfect balance of performance and value. Saddled between their top-tier 110 Series and the value oriented 40 Series headsets, the Hellbender 70 headsets offer virtually all of the high-performance design attributes of the 110 Series at a much lower price point.

The Hellbender 70 Lite is a headset that packs durability, weight savings and value into one product. It is an ideal headset choice for any bike where weight savings is a priority – a lightweight headset that doesn’t lack durability or performance. All Hellbender 70 headsets include a star nut, top cap, and top bolt.  

If you have any questions about this headsets please contact us or check out Cane Creeks S.H.I.S. guide to determine the proper headset for your application.


Material T-6 6061 Alminum, Stainless Steel Bearing
Stack Height  
Integrated (IS) 9mm top/1mm bottom
Zero Stack (ZS) 8mm top/4mm bottom
SHIS Weight Stack Height
IS41 - IS47/33 ~90g 4 mm
IS41 - IS52/40 ~92g 4 mm
IS42 - IS47/33 ~94g 4 mm
IS42 - IS52/40 ~95g 4 mm
ZS44 - ZS56/40 ~117g 4 mm
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