ENVE SES 4.5 Carbon Clincher Tubeless Rim

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ENVE's SES 4.5 Rim is designed for speed and confidence across various terrains. Its 25mm internal rim width ensures precise handling, particularly on technical courses, while optimizing road tubeless performance minimizes the risk of pinch flats. This aerodynamic carbon fiber rim is a game-changer for fast-paced rides, offering unmatched reliability and efficiency.

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Model SES 4.5 Legacy 3.4 AR Legacy 4.5 AR
  Front Rear Front Rear Front Rear
Rim Depth 49 mm 55 mm 39 mm 43 mm 49 mm 55 mm
External Width 32 mm 32 mm 31 mm 30.5 mm
Internal Width 25 mm 25 mm 25 mm
External Width ~425g ~435g ~387g ~394g ~440g ~450g


SES 4.5 Dimensions Front Rear
ERD 558 mm 547 mm
Hole Count 24 hole
Bead Type Hookless
Tire Type Tubeless Ready
Minimum Tire Size 700 x 27
Aero Optimized Tire 700 x 29
Valve Stem Length 66 mm 72 mm
Tubeless Tape Width 29 mm
Tire Compatibility
Tubeless Kit - Tape / Valves (4.5)
Brass Nipples
Valve Extenders (55 mm)


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