Sapim Polyax Hexagonal Secure Lock Aluminum Nipple

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Sapim's Polyax Hexagonal Secure Lock Aluminum Nipples are what some would consider the industry standard. They combine light weight, strength, corrosion resistance, and an anodized surface treatment which provides various color possibilities.

Sapim’s state of the art manufacturing process and high grade aluminum ensures the best quality available on the market.

The patented Secure Lock nipple of Sapim is a locking mechanism that prevents nipples from untightening.

The advantages of this easy locking system are:

  • Can be used on truing machine
  • Keeps nipples from loosening while trueing
  • Available on most current Sapim nipples
  • Easy to recognize

Highly precise and accurate punching machines are needed to form this type of locking system in order to achieve a stable and well defined deformation on the thread. The head of the nipple have been designed to function like a ball joint as well to enable a straighter spoke line.

These are tried and trued nipples that add performance and color matched bling to your next wheelset.


Weight 0.4 grams each
Material 7075 Aluminum
Length 14 mm
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