Sapim CX-Ray Straight-Pull Spokes

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Sapim's CX-Ray stands out as the pinnacle of high-performance spokes. Despite their lightweight design, these spokes boast a tested tensile strength nearly 50% superior to standard straight gauge spokes, along with a fatigue life three times longer. Trusted by elite athletes, including road racers, triathletes, and downhill racers, the CX-Ray has become the preferred choice for high-end wheelsets. Whether crafting sub-800 gram climbing wheels or robust 32-spoke mountain wheels, these stainless steel spokes offer unparalleled durability without compromising weight.

Rely on our expert wheel builders for installation and guidance on rims and spokes. While no special techniques are needed, support the thin bladed section near the nipple to prevent twisting, using the Sapim Bladed Spoke Holder.


Weight ~4.4 g - 4.6 g
Material Stainless Steel
Head type Straight-Pull - 2.0 mm
Blade Dimensions 2.3 mm x 0.9 mm
Thread 2.2 x 56 tpi (2.0 mm x 14G)
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