Pillar Mega Lite SS Black Spoke

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The Mega Lite SS spoke is the lightest steel spoke on the market. And it is a 2.0mm spoke; the Mega-Lites maintain compatibility with the most common nipples on the market, all without sacrificing strength at the spoke head or nipple. Their Stainless Steel compound and manufacturing process results in a spoke with a center section that can safely be drawn to a 1.3mm diameter, compared to 1.5mm (Sapim CX-Ray, DT Swiss Aerolite and Revolution) and 1.4mm (CX-Ray Super). This allows the ends to maintain the 2.0mm diameter and bypassing the compromise of dropping to 1.8mm for its weight savings. The center is then cold forged into a 1.6mm x 0.9mm blade using a similar process to the Sapim CX-Rays and DT Aerolites.


Thread Compatibility


It seems every company has a slightly different way of measuring spoke threads. We've standardized our dimensions to provide a comparable figure. The Pillar website lists the Mega Lite SS threads as 2.3mm X 56 TPI. Our measurements show a 2.2mm X 53 TPI the same as CX-Ray and other common spokes. The Mega Lite SS spokes are compatible with standard nipples.


Leave us a note in your order or give us a call to have us cut your spokes to specified lengths.


Weight 3.5 g - 3.8 g
Material Stainless Steel
Blade Dimensions 1.6 mm x .9 mm
Thread 2.2 x 56 tpi (2.0 mm x 14 g)
Head type J-Bend, 2.0 mm
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