ENVE SES Tubeless Road Tire

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Developed through extensive aerodynamic testing, ENVE's SES Road Tires are optimized for real-world speed and efficiency. The tires feature a smart aero shape and tread design proven to reduce drag. The silica-infused natural and synthetic rubber compound delivers all-weather grip and durability. They are tubeless-ready and compatible with hooked and hookless rims, ranging from 25mm to 31mm widths. Vectran puncture protection and a weight of 255-285g complete the performance.


TIRE SIZE 25c 27c 29c 31c
Tire Type Tubeless Ready | Tube Compatible
Compatible With SES 2.3, 3.4
ENVE 45 & 65
All ENVE Wheelsets
Internal Rim Width Tire Size
19 mm 25 mm 27 mm 28 mm 30 mm
21 mm 26 mm 28 mm 29 mm 31 mm
23 mm N / A 29 mm 30 mm 32 mm
25 mm N / A 30 mm 31 mm 33 mm
Tire Pressure Range 60-90psi
(4-6.25 Bar)
(3.4-5.9 Bar)
(2.8-5.5 Bar)
(2.1-5.2 Bar)
Weight ~255g ~265g ~275g ~285g
Colors All Sizes - Black / Black or Black / Tan


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