Extralite UltraBottom Headset

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Well known for their intricate designs and unique aesthetic, Extralite has been creating featherweight bike components for the last two decades. Focused on crafting parts for riders who demand the pinnacle of lightweight performance, Extralite shows that they can create one of the lightest headsets on the market.

The Extralite UltraBottom headset features a full size angular contact bearing for maximum performance while maintaining a minimal weight construction. Available in every major headset standard the UltraBottom offers an ultralight option for riders who want the best performance from their bicycle. This minimalist headset shaves weight by removing the excess material from every piece. This removal of material makes it one of the lowest stack height headsets available. Whatever your application Extralite makes a headset that will work for you.




To select the headset that properly fits your frame simply measure the Inner Diameter of the headtube on your frame and pick the corresponding headset. Check out Extralite’s page that has a handy table to view every option and special information about each headset. Extralite also makes the Extrabolt 16 which allows the use of a straight 1-1/8" steerer fork to be used on frames with a tapered headtube.


Headset Weight SHIS Stack Height
UltraBottom 34 ~31g | EC34/30 9.5mm
UltraBottom 41-42 ~20g | EC41/30 or | EC42/30 1.0mm
UltraBottom 44 ~24g | ZS44/30 1.8mm
UltraBottom 44 T ~39g | EC44/40 10.0mm
UltraBottom 51-52 ~26g | IS51/40 or | IS52/40 1.0mm
UltraBottom 56 T ~33g | ZS56/40 2.0mm
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