Extralite UltraTop Headset

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The Extralite UltraTop offers a new take on reducing weight from your bicycle. Featuring a two piece design that allows use of a smaller lighter radial contact bearing, the UltraTop headset is one of the lightest headsets on the market utilizing a cartridge bearing. Available in every major headset standard, no matter your frame extralite makes a headset to fit. Also available in a heavy duty design featuring a full size cartridge bearing, the UltraTop headset offers an featherweight and an ultralight option that can be depended on with heavy usage.




To select the headset that properly fits your frame simply measure the Inner Diameter of the headtube on your frame and pick the corresponding headset. Check out Extralite’s page that has a handy table to view every option and special information about each headset.


Material, Cups 7075 T6 aluminum
Headset Weight SHIS Stack Height
UltraTop 34 16 grams EC34/28.6 | 8.0mm
UltraTop 34 HD 30 grams EC34/28.6 | 10.5mm
UltraTop 41 14 grams ZS41/28.6 | 5.6mm
UltraTop 42 14 grams ZS42/28.6 | 5.6mm
UltraTop 41-42 HD 22 grams IS42/28.6 | or IS41/28.6 | 4.2mm
UltraTop 44 15 grams ZS44/28.6 | 5.8mm
UltraTop 44 HD 26 grams ZS44/28.6 | 5.5mm
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