HSC BB30 Ceramic Adapter Bottom Bracket

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HSC's series of high quality, low friction hybrid ceramic bottom brackets include specialized adapter-style bottom brackets to allow fitment of a wide variety of cranksets to a specific bottom bracket shell. These particular adapters are designed for the BB30 standard, which normally uses direct-fit 6806 bearings in a 68mm wide shell. Where bearings would normally press into the 42mm bores of a BB30 shell, these HSC adapters have precisely machined aluminum cups that place the bearings outside of the frame to better fit the longer spindles of the non-BB30 cranks they were designed for. As an added bonus, the wider bearing stance improves drivetrain stiffness for better stability and power transfer.

Advantages over standard steel bearings include: lighter weight, lower thermal expansion and deformation under load, lower friction with reduced start and running torques, and reduced wear for longer running life; put simply, ceramic bearings allow you to roll faster with reduced effort over a longer period before needing replacement.



These adapters are designed to fit frames with 68mm wide BB30 bottom bracket shells. The option you require will depend on the crankset being used:

  • Shimano HTII - Adapts a BB30 frame to fit 24mm spindle cranks
  • SRAM GXP - Adapts a BB30 frame to fit stepped 24/22mm spindle cranks.
  • SRAM DUB - Adapts a BB30 frame to fit SRAM's proprietary DUB design, 29mm spindle crank.
  • BB386 EVO - Adapts a BB30 frame to fit 30mm spindle cranksets, sometimes referred to as "long spindle" BB30 cranksets.
  • BB30 - designed to fit BB30 30mm spindle cranksets.


Shell I.D. 42 mm
Shell Width Road MTB
  68 mm 73 mm / 83 mm* / 84.5 mm** / 120 mm***
Crank Compatibility Shimano HTII SRAM GXP SRAM DUB-R BB386 / BB30
Crank Spindle 24 / 24 mm 24 / 22 mm 29 / 29 mm 30 / 30 mm
Weight ~105g ~108g ~104g ~104g
Bearings 6805 w7 29x42x7 6806
Material Aluminum / Si3N4 ceramic hybrid
Tools / Installation Quality bearing press

*Cannondale MTB / **Spec. MTB Alloy OSBB / ***Cannondale Fat Bike



To avoid frame damage, we recommend that these BB30 bottom bracket adapters be professionally installed using a proper bearing press.

Please feel free to contact us directly for technical questions.

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