HSC BB30 Ceramic Adapter Bottom Bracket

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HSC's series of high quality, low friction hybrid ceramic bottom brackets include specialized adapter-style bottom brackets to allow fitment of a wide variety of cranksets to a specific bottom bracket shell. These particular adapters are designed for the BB30 standard, which normally uses direct-fit 6806 bearings in a 68mm wide shell. Where bearings would normally press into the 42mm bores of a BB30 shell, these HSC adapters have precisely machined aluminum cups that place the bearings outside of the frame to better fit the longer spindles of the non-BB30 cranks they were designed for. As an added bonus, the wider bearing stance improves drivetrain stiffness for better stability and power transfer.

These bottom brackets are equipped with HSC's hybrid ceramic bearings, notable for their extremely low seal drag and excellent durability.




These adapters are designed to fit frames with 68mm wide BB30 bottom bracket shells. The option you require will depend on the crankset being used:

Shimano HTII - designed to fit Shimano's line of Hollowtech II 24mm spindle cranksets, as well as most other manufacturer's 24mm spindle cranksets.
Sram/Truvativ GXP - designed to fit Sram's proprietary GXP design, with a stepped 24/22mm spindle diameter. 
BB386 Evo - designed to fit BB386 Evo 30mm spindle cranksets, sometimes referred to as "long spindle" BB30 cranksets, such as the Easton EC90 SL.

Please feel free to contact us directly for technical questions.




To avoid frame damage, we recommend that these BB30 bottom bracket adapters be professionally installed using a proper bearing press.


Option Weight Bearing Sizes
Shimano HTII 45 grams 2x 6805w7
Sram/Truvativ GXP 101 grams 2x 6805w7
BB386 Evo 99 grams 2x 6806
Bearings Si3N4 Ceramic Hybrid
Cup Material aluminum
Shell Compatibility BB30 (68mm wide, 42 mm ID)
Crankset Compatibility Shimano Hollowtech II
Sram / Truvativ GXP
BB386 Evo
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