KCNC I-Spec II Shifter Clamp

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KCNC's lightweight I-Spec II clamp adapter seamlessly integrates Shimano I-Spec shifters and brakes into a minimalist, independent clamp system. This innovative adapter offers the precision and performance Shimano is known for, while shaving precious grams for an ultralight cockpit setup. With five vibrant anodized colors to choose from, you can customize your rig's aesthetics. KCNC's ingenious design increases rigidity and braking power compared to standard mounts. Whether you seek featherweight performance or a flash of color on race day, KCNC's I-Spec II adapter delivers.

This KCNC mount is compatible only with Shimano I-Spec II brake/shifter mounts. Not compatible with older Shimano I-Spec-A mounts or newer EV mounts.


Weight ~13g / pair
Material Clamp Hardware
  7075 Aluminum Stainless
M9000 / M8000 / T8000 / M7000 / M6000 / T6000 / MT500 / M640-B / U5000 / S7000 / S700 U6000 / U8000
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