KCNC I-Spec Shifter Clamp

Article number: 21-05-02
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I-Spec is Shimano's system for integrating their flat bar shifters and brake levers into a clean and simple single bar clamp. For riders wishing to use a non-Shimano brake system with their I-Spec equipped shifters, this presents a problem, since the integrated bar clamp is located on the brake lever. KCNC's I-Spec adapters are designed to solve this problem by converting I-Spec shifters to a standard independent clamp while adding a bit of flair in the process.


Weight 15 grams per pair
Compatibility* XTR M-980-I, XT M-780-I
Clamp Material 7075 aluminum
Bolt Material titanium
*These are not compatible with the newer Shimano I-Spec B Shifter standard.
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