KCNC I-Spec Shifter Clamp

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A minimalist adapter for combining Shimano I-Spec shifters and brakes, the KCNC I-Spec mount offers precise control and a lighter weight option. With 5 vibrant anodized colors to choose from, it adds style while integrating the shifter and brake into one clean cockpit setup. Though not compatible with Shimano's I-Spec B, II or EV standard, this adapter allows older I-Spec A shifters to mount directly onto the brake lever, reducing clutter and optimizing ergonomics. KCNC I-Spec mount fits Shimano I-Spec-A only, see here for the KCNC I-Spec II.


Weight ~15g / pair
Material Clamp Hardware
  7075 Aluminum Titanium
M980 / M8000 / M780 / T780 / M7000 / M670 / M610 / T610 / M820 / T670 / S7000 / S700
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