KCNC SC11 Seatpost Collar

Article number: 27-05-03
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KCNC's SC11 seatpost collar is designed to hold up to the abuse of off road riding while maintaining an exceptionally low weight. This low weight is achieved through aggressive cnc machining work which includes the SC11's unique scalloped clamp band. This collar is equipped with a lightweight M7 scandium bolt. The bolt has a full length 4 mm hex key slot to spread the tightening load over a wider area, reducing the possibility of breakage.




When installing an SC11 seatpost collar, use of a torque wrench is highly recommended. When tightening the clamp bolt, the 4 mm hex key must be long enough to span the entire length of the bolt, and must be torqued to 8 Nm.


31.8 mm 10.5 grams
34.9 mm 11.5 grams
36.4 mm 13.0 grams
38.2 mm 13.5 grams
39.0 mm 12.5 grams
Collar 7075 aluminum
Hardware Scandium
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