KCNC Seatpost Grip

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Sizes are listed as Clamp Diameter / Seatpost Diameter.

The KCNC Seatpost Grip is a simple and elegant solution to carbon seatposts slipping in frames. The seatpost grip simply sits on top of your collar and clamps down as you tighten your seatpost collar. Two rubber O-Rings inside of the Seatpost Grip provide extra friction against the post keeping it securely in place. Color matching against a KCNC seat collar can provide extra color tuning options and Tacx Dynamic Assemply Compound can still be used to further increase seatpost friction while protecting your frame and post.


Weight 3.2 - 3.6 grams
Compatibility 31.8 / 27.2
34.9 / 30.9
34.9 / 31.6
Material 6061 Aluminum
Colors Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Red, Silver
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