KCNC Ti Pro Lite Seatpost


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 This zero setback post features a lightweight, simple rail clamp design that allows for easy installation and adjustment. In designing this post, KCNC opted to use a variety of materials; the main tube is machined from high strength scandium aluminum, the clamp hardware from 7075 aluminum, and the clamp bolts are manufactured from 6/4 titanium. It should be noted that these titanium bolts are 6mm in diameter, where other manufacturers with similar seatpost designs use a more fragile 5mm bolt. This post strikes an impressive balance between durability, low weight, and affordability. Recently, KCNC has expanded options to include a variety of colors, diameters, and lengths. Additionally, the rider weight limit is quite generous for a seatpost in this weight class.




When installing this seatpost in a metal frame, we recommend applying grease to in the inside of the seattube to prevent corrosion and allow for easy installation. With composite frames, an assembly compound such as Tacx Dynamic Assembly Compound" Tacx Paste should be used. A 4mm hex wrench is required to adjust and tighten the rail clamp bolts, with a maximum torque rating of 5 Nm. The nature of the saddle rail clamp allows it to accommodate most standard round and oval saddle rail designs in steel, titanium, or aluminum.


Post Material T7 scandium
Clamp Material 7075 aluminum
Bolt Material 6/4 titanium
Rider Weight Limit, xc 85 kg (187 lbs)
Rider Weight Limit, road 120 kg (265 lbs)
Max Torque 5Nm
Rail Compatibility round
Minimum Insertion
400 mm 100 mm
27.2 x 350 156 grams
27.2 x 400 172 grams
30.9 x 350 165 grams
30.9 x 400 181 grams
31.6 x 350 168 grams
31.6 x 400 187 grams
34.9 x 350 164 grams
34.9 x 400 181 grams
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