Mcfk Open Full Carbon Saddle

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Mcfk's full carbon saddle was designed with a focus on comfort and durability, with a resulting low weight inherent in the material used. The open version has a cutout for riders that prefer a pressure relief channel. Like many full carbon saddles, the Mcfk features a thin and flexible shell that makes the use of additional padding unnecessary but sometimes wanted. The leather padded version offers more control and less sliding around when in the drops. This saddle features a fairly wide nose and a smooth transition from front to rear - excellent features for long rides and varied efforts where it is desirable to occasionally shift position to maintain comfort. Each Mcfk Carbon Saddle is available in three widths, making it possible to perfect your fit and dial in your ride.

This saddle's full carbon ovalized rails are expertly bonded to the shell for maximum security. The rails (as well as the rest of the saddle) are finished with a layer of woven carbon for added strength and impact resistance. The shape of the rails allow this saddle to be used with most modern seatposts, except those that clamp the rails from the sides.

Mcfk saddles are manufactured in Germany, and feature a two-year warranty against defects in materials and manufacturing.


As with any carbon component, care should be taken to ensure proper assembly. To avoid localized damage to the carbon rails, the seatpost's rail clamps should be inspected prior to installation. The rail clamps' edges should have smooth transitions where they contact the rails. Often, rail clamps can be modified through careful filing to improve this interface. The careful application of bolt torque is also an important consideration. Never go beyond manufacturer's specifications, and use a torque wrench whenever possible.


Weight ~78 grams
Construction Full Carbon Fiber
Widths 130 mm, 135 mm, 140 mm
Length 260 mm
Rail Diameter 7x9 mm oval
Use Road, Cross country, Cyclocross
Rider Weight Limit 100 kgs (220 lbs)
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