Praxis Replacement Bolt / Extractor

Article number: 28-05-03
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The Praxis M30 or M24 Main Bolt & Self-Extractor kits keep your crank arms spinning smoothly for the long haul. These all-in-one solution combine a durable chromoly steel main bolt with an integrated self-extractor. Simply use an 8mm hex wrench to install the bolt and securely fasten your M30 or M24 crank arm. When service is needed, the self-extractor design allows easy crank arm removal using a cassette tool. 


Crankarms M30 M24
Bolt Size M16 x 1.0 x 16 mm M15 x 1.0 x 15 mm
Usage Praxis M30 & SL eCranks Praxis M24 & eCranks
Torque 48 - 52Nm
Tools 8 mm Allen


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