Bike Fitting


At Fitworks the ultimate goal of the bikefit is to put the cyclist in full control of her or his equipment and physical progress. Through the process, the client gains greater confidence and performance through optimized positioning, awareness, and focus on techniques while reducing injury caused by misplacement.

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Kurt started cycling in the early '80's and worked in his first shop environment in 1986. Before becoming a professional bike fitter, Kurt was a mechanic, buyer, sales manager, NYC bike messenger and a full-service cycling shop owner. Trained and certified by Ben Serotta in the early '90's, Kurt is up to ~5000 bike fits.

Kurts most gratifying aspect to his work is solving clients' knee/back/neck/etc problems so that they can get back to riding with optimal performance and full enthusiasm. Kurt loves to hear his clients say...

"I'm SO excited to go on my next ride now!"


Fitworks operates out of the Fairwheel Bikes Warehouse

503 S. Park AVE, Tucson AZ, 85719
Text or Call: 520-906-0409
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