S-Works Epic Single Speed Build

S-Works Epic Single Speed Build

A little something for the single speeder's among us.

Recently we had the opportunity to do a very fun project: a full suspension single speed using the S-Works Epic 8

frameset as our canvas. We were given full freedom to build it up as we pleased, so long as the end result was

something that was light, unique, and fun to ride. Lets have a look together.


Lets be real, the nicest thing about the blank canvas of the S-Works Epic frame set, is that its such a classic in the

world of mountain biking. 


Because of the nature of the project we opted for the carbon fiber YEP Podio as the dropper post of choice. 


The Podio features not only adjustable travel, but you can also trim the lower tube, be it for additional weight

savings, or for sizing. 


326 grams. This is an un-cut weight, mind you. 


I get to see a lot of carbon saddles.....the Extralite Hyper Saddle is definitely at the top of my list when it

comes to picking favorites.  


Sub 49 grams?! Not shabby at all.


MCFK bar and stem for the style points and light weight.


We have done the MCFK bar and stem on a few MTB builds recently, and in terms of weight savings, style,

functionality, its a combination that checks all the boxes...


60mm and under 70g. 


Boone Ti cranks.


This custom made 155mm crank features an integrated ti spindle, and the small parts (pre-load adjustor, lock ring,

chainring adaptor) are crafted from ti as well.


Of course we also went with a Boone titanium cog. 



The 'Melvin' chain tensioner from Paul Components was the tensioner of choice, but we decided to give it an

upgrade by swapping out the stock Paul pulley wheels for a set of carbon pulley wheels with ceramic bearings

from HSC.


A little before and after of the pulley swap. Its amazing how much weight savings comes with the smallest of

upgrades. 14.9 grams shaved!


The wheelset was also very neat. Hyperboost 3 hubs from Extralite, laced to Porte rims with Berd spokes. 


The combination made for one of the sweetest wheelsets I've see in a minute. 


At the end of the day this build is one of the most fun we have put together in awhile. Below I will leave a short list

of a few of the parts we used and what they're respective weights are. Keep in mind that this in no way is a

comprehensive list, but i tried to put everything on it that may give you a sense of what parts you could possibly want

on your next light weight mountain build!


Component Description Weight(g)
Frame Spec. Epic EVO 1874
Headset Cane Creek Hellbender 61
Headset Spacers FWB Carbon 17
Cranks Boone Custom Ti 406
BB  Hellbender ceramic, tuned 75
Chainrings Wolftooth 30 Oval 53
Tensioner Paul Melvin, tuned 75
Cog Boone Ti Single Cog 37
Front Hub Extralite Hyperboost 74
Front Rim Rathenberg UL 250
Rear Hub Extralite Hyperboost 157
Rear Rim Rathenberg UL 250
Spokes Berd 144
Pedals ProMend Ti 211
Caliper/Lever Hope XCR 408
Pad Holder Ti Bolt 12
Rotors Ashima Ai2 179
Handlebars MCFK 99
Grips Lizard Skins 28
Bar End Plugs Extralite Hyper Plugs 1
Stem MCFK 67
Saddle Extralite Hyper Saddle 48
Seat Post Yep Podio Carbon 326
Seat Collar Carbon-Ti 10
Front Tire Specialized T5/T7 617
Rear Tire Specialized T5/T7 610


                                                                         Finished Weight: 17.7lb


All built up and ready to ride this was about as light as some gravel bikes. The Yep dropper post and Boone

cranks are recent additions to our product line up, and it is always great to use some new stuff in a build.

During the planning stages we mapped out the entire build by component with the estimated weights, and much

to our delight the bike still built up lighter than what we were planning on, and that makes everyone happy!



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