Mcfk Flatbar Carbon Mountain Handlebar

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The MCFK Mountain Flatbar is an incredible feat of design and engineering. Not only are these mountain bars some of the lightest available, but they are also incredibly strong. Using some of the most advanced carbon prepreg available (resin impregnated reinforcing fabric), along with proprietary asymmetrical layering techniques, MCFK is able to produce some of the lightest bars in the industry while simultaneously being incredibly strong. Rigorously tested over countless miles and under astronomical test loads, the MCFK Flatbar has earned the EFBe certificate for European safety standards. Close attention has been paid in regards to fiber orientation in order to achieve a perfect balance of comfort and stability. In addition to being ultra-lightweight, strong, and stable, these bars are offered in a multitude of lengths and ergonomic options that suit everything from marathon and cross country to all-mountain riding. Available in incremental lengths from 680mm to 760mm, and 6 degree, 9 degree, or 12 degree angles, there is a model to suit almost any preference.

MCFK has added an ingenious gentle sweep near the center of their 9 and 12 degree bars. This sweep allows riders to enjoy the comfort provided by the bar angle of their choice without having to switch out stems in order to maintain their position on the bike. As the bar angle increases, so does the sweep, equalizing positioning on the bike through their range of bar angles for a given stem length. To ensure ample real estate for brakes, shifters, and other controls, the width of the thicker center section has been kept to a minimum.

As these bars are available in length increments to suit most preferences, these MCFK bars are not meant to be cut down.  While they suit disciplines from cross country to all-mountain, MCFK does not recommend using these bars for enduro, freeride, or downhill applications.  In addition, they are not to be used in conjunction with any bar-ends. Installation should be done following the manufacturers guidelines and torque specs.


Weight 115g-225g
Material Carbon Fiber
Finish UD Matte
Clamp Diameter 31.8
Width Options 680, 720, 760mm
Sweep Options 6, 9, 12 degree
Rise Flat: 6, 9 degree - 0mm, 12 degree - 5mm
Weight Limit 90kg (195 lbs)
Torque Specs Faceplate: 4Nm
Shift / Brake Levers: 2.5Nm
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