Yep Components Podio Dropper Post

Yep Components Podio Dropper Post

A look at Yep Components carbon dropper post, the Podio.

Swiss manufacturer Yep has been cooking up and perfecting a surprise for the racers and light weight enthusiasts alike....a dropper post that has had all the grams shaved in every possible area you can shave grams from. 

Lets un-box it and have a little look.


Un-boxed and fully extended, lets take this beauty in.


Upon initial glance the first thing that stands out is the carbon lower tube. The internals sit fairly high within the tube, allowing you to be able to trim it for additional weight savings/sizing purposes if need be.


Here's how she looks when not fully extended.


The upper and lower portions of the cradle are full carbon as well, and as you can imagine the cradle bolts are Titanium. Devil is in the details. 

Very high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. You can see here that the upper tube and head are made from one piece, whereas often times the two are bonded just together. 


The travel on these can be customized! The 80mm post is a fixed 80mm of travel, but the 100mm post can be set up for 100mm or 120mm of travel. 


The minimal design of the remote is very pleasing to look at.


Pictured above is the 31.6x120mm post, un-cut. When cut to the shortest length possible you can shed an additional 15 grams. The 30.9x80mm post can weigh as little as 309grams when cut to the shortest possible length, which is very impressive! 


This post is hard to pass up given the attractive package with all the perks. If you are an xc racer, or a feather weight aficionado that has been wanting a dropper post, but have putting it off because of your light weight sensibilities, it looks like now is the time to dive on into the world of the Podio. Browse our selection here.



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