Tactic TR02 Hubs

Tactic TR02 Hubs

Meet the TR02: Tactic Racing's first j-bend hubset.

Tactic's TR02 is the latest addition to their lineup, a j-bend option alongside their original TR01, straight-pull model.



Unlike the TR01 which has a fixed pre-load, the TR02 has an adjustable pre-load on the non-drive end cap's.



A better look at the pre-load adjusting screw and wrench hole in the centerlock mount.



These use the same 45 tooth conical ratchet mechanism as the TR01, and come stock with steel bearings. Available freehub options are Shimano, SRAM XDR and Campagnolo(not Pictured)

Below are some pictures we took of the hubs individually, and then together as complete hubsets.


TR01 Front

TR01 Rear Shimano Freehub

TR01 Rear SRAM XDR Freehub

TR01 XDR Hubset

TR01 Shimano Road Hubset


Although these bad boys are a touch beefier than the TR01, and come stock with steel bearings, both hubsets still weigh less than the straight pull DT 180 hubset(285g), which is not too shabby. And for a weight weenie hubset the price tag is not bad at just $700.00...


You know you want some...check out our product listing if you wanna snag a set for yourself.


Reach out or visit us if you want to learn more about the TR02.



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