Shimano M9100 12-Speed Chain

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The Shimano M9100 chain is a versatile and high-performance bicycle chain designed for both (XTR M9100) and road bike (Dura-Ace R9200). It's engineered to provide smoother shifting, better power transfer, and durability, particularly for electric mountain bike applications. The compatibility with the Shimano Quick Link makes installation and maintenance more convenient.

The chain's compatibility with the Shimano Quick Link SM-CN910-12, a tool-free chain connector that simplifies chain installation and removal, highlights its user-friendly design. However, it's worth noting that the Quick Link is non-reusable once used.


Our "waxed" chain option offers a unique approach to maintaining your brand new chain. This option involves a multi-step process that ensures your chain is well-prepared before use; cleaning, drying, waxing, curing and inspection.

Please note that the entire process will take a few days to complete, as we want to ensure that your chain is properly cleaned, coated, and cured before it reaches you. While this option requires a short wait, many cyclists find that the benefits of a waxed chain, including smoother operation and reduced maintenance needs, make it well worth it in the long run. Thank you for choosing our "waxed" chain option to enhance your cycling experience.


Weight ~250g (uncut / including Quick Link)
Dimensions 126 links
Wax Molten Speed Wax
Includes Quick Link (1 set)
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