Tune Speedneedle 20Twenty Carbon Saddle

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To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of their venerated Speedneedle lightweight saddle, legendary German manufacturer Tune presents the Speedneedle 20Twenty carbon saddle. Not merely an anniversary edition of an old design, the 20Twenty is an all-new saddle that borrows design elements from its older sibling while blazing forward with a completely redesigned upper shell and two-piece split leather cover. The 20Twenty retains the basics of the Speedneedle's lightweight design, with unique oversize carbon/aramid rails under a flexible, yet strong carbon shell. These saddles are intended to provide comfort over long miles, with a thin layer of high-density foam covered in genuine leather available in three color options.

Additionally, the 20Twenty saddle is available with a lightweight "Alcantara" cover, an Italian-manufactured leather alternative. Alcantara is manufactured from polyester and polystyrene microfiber fabric. This covering a popular choice in automotive interiors due to its soft, suede-like feel and superior durability. Alcantara's pleasant surface texture is breathable, water-and dirt-repellent, fast drying, wrinkle-resistant, tear-and abrasion-resistant, and non-slip. Additionally, it is easy to clean using only warm water.

Each of these saddles are hand made in Germany by a single dedicated craftsman. Without mass production, quantities are limited but quality is guaranteed.


Weight, 20Twenty Leather 117 grams
Weight, 20Twenty Alcantara 98 grams
Upper Materials leather or Alcantara, high-density foam
Rail Materials carbon/aramid fiber
Width 135mm
Length 260mm
Rail Size 7.5 x 9.5 mm
Rider Weight Limit 198 lbs (90 kg)
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