AX Lightness Europa SL Seatpost

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AX-Lightness' Europa SL seat post offers weight savings without compromising performance. Based on the Europa Premium model, it features a continuous clamping area for flexible seat height adjustment. The carbon tube is manufactured in-house from prepreg composites using complex manual techniques. Autoclave curing removes excess resin, resulting in a sleek UD matte surface finish. German-made titanium bolts and clamps ensure durability. Available in multiple lengths, from 240mm to 410mm, it caters to different bike geometries. Despite weighing as little as 93g, it has a max weight limit of 90kg(198lbs). With an optimized carbon layup, internal molding, and aramid fiber reinforcement, it achieves an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. 


Diameter 27.2 mm 31.6 mm
Weight ~93g - ~125g ~108g - ~147g
Offset 0 mm
Max Insertion 120 mm (240 mm) - 290 mm (410 mm)
Saddle Rail 7 x 7 mm / 7 x 9 mm / 7 x 10 mm
Rider Weight Limit 90 kg (198 lbs.)
Material Carbon Prepreg w/Aramid / Titanim / Aluminum
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