Vittoria Air Liner TLR Road Kit

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The legendary combination of durability, protection, and run-flat performance of Vittoria Air-Liners, made for your favorite tubeless-ready road tires! The Vittoria Air-Liner system provides unmatched bump compliance and impact protection, while ensuring bead lock at lower pressures. In the event of air-loss, the Vittoria Air-Liner Road system is designed for run-flat use. The insert increases the safety of your tubeless set-up by keeping the tire in place even in case of puncture - No risk to ride on the wheels! The Vittoria Air-Liner Road system is compatible with all tubeless road tires on the market. The lightweight material absorbs no sealant, while the proprietary Vittoria tubeless valves eliminates valve clogging.


Size Fits Weight per liner
Small 25 mm Tire / 21 mm Rim ~21g  
Medium 28 mm Tire / 23 mm Rim ~25g  
Large 30 mm Tire / 26 mm Rim ~29g  
  (2) - Air Liners    
  (2) - 3 Way Tubeless Valves  
  (1) - Road Tubeless Tool-Kit  
  (2) - 80 mL bottles Universal Tubeless Tire Sealant


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