YBN 12 Speed Ti-Nitride Chain

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YBN's new 12spd chain sets the standard for technological innovation in narrow drivetrains. Drawing on decades of chain manufacturing experience, YBN enters the 12spd arena with an ingenious design that excels in every performance category. Whisper quiet due to YBN's patented Ni-PTFE treatment and precise chamfering, the SLA1210 shifts seamlessly under any load, light or heavy. Add DHA hardening and YBN's Ti-Nitride treatment for extra durability and chain life is extended to YBN's highest at 5000 miles (longer with wax). Hollow pins keep the chain light for all-out race performance while circle riveting increases strength without adding width. Compatible with all 12spd drivetrains, the SLA1210 is rugged enough to ride every day but be absolutely sure it's on your bike for race day.


Our "waxed" chain option offers a unique approach to maintaining your brand new chain. This option involves a multi-step process that ensures your chain is well-prepared before use; cleaning, drying, waxing, curing and inspection.

Please note that the entire process will take a few days to complete, as we want to ensure that your chain is properly cleaned, coated, and cured before it reaches you. While this option requires a short wait, many cyclists find that the benefits of a waxed chain, including smoother operation and reduced maintenance needs, make it well worth it in the long run. Thank you for choosing our "waxed" chain option to enhance your cycling experience.


Weight ~268g (uncut / including Missing Link)
Dimensions 1/2" x 11/128" x 126 links
Compatibility SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo 12 speed
Includes Missing Link connector
Wax Molten Speed Wax
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